My objective is to produce surreal and abstract images through ultra-realism of flowers and plants.

Every part of most of my photos is tack sharp even though the subjects are as small as 1/8 inch. This is what I mean by ultra-realism. I achieve this by using focus stacking. This technique can provide over 150X magnification in 16 x 20 inch prints. Such high magnification allows my images to become surreal and abstract to the point that it is not always obvious what the subject is. This achieves my desire to have people enjoy a purely sensory experience based on color, shape and texture. But people inevitably ask me what the image is of and how I achieve the depth of field. To me, this illustrates that people have a natural curiosity about science.

My sense of awe is always enhanced when I understand the science involved behind an experience. I hope my photos produce this same sense of awe in others

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